You can capture a movie of screen activity in a virtual machine.


You cannot create a movie of a remote virtual machine.

Verify that you have the VMware movie decoder. Although you can capture a movie on a Linux virtual machine, you must play it back on a Windows system. The VMware CODEC is installed with Workstation on Windows host systems. A separately downloadable installer is also available to play back movies on Windows systems that do not have Workstation installed. You can download the installer from the VMware Workstation download page on the VMware Web site.

Power on the virtual machine.


Select the virtual machine and select VM > Capture Movie.


In the Save File dialog box, type a file name and select the file type and quality.

The quality setting determines the compression and file size of the movie. If you select Omit frames in which nothing occurs, the movie includes only those periods when something is actually happening in the virtual machine. This setting reduces the file size and length of the movie.


Click Save to start capturing the movie.

While movie capture is active, a red circle appears in the notification area of the taskbar.


In the virtual machine, perform the actions to appear in the movie.


To stop the movie, select the virtual machine and select VM > Stop Movie Capture.

If you are using the virtual machine in full screen mode, you can right-click the movie capture icon and select Stop Movie Capture.

Workstation saves the movie as an .avi file on the host system.

Play the movie in any compatible media player.