You can configure host-only networking for an existing virtual machine. You can connect a virtual network adapter to the default host-only network (VMnet1) or to a custom host-only network. If a virtual machine has two virtual network adapters, you can connect it to two host-only networks.

To configure host-only networking for a new virtual machine, select Customize Hardware when you run the New Virtual Machine wizard.

To connect the virtual machine to two host-only networks, add a second virtual network adapter to the virtual machine. See Add a Virtual Network Adapter to a Virtual Machine.


Select the virtual machine and select VM > Settings.


On the Hardware tab select a virtual network adapter.


Select the host-only network.



Use the default host-only network (VMnet1)

Select Host-only: A private network shared with the host.

Use a custom host-only network

Select Custom and select the custom host-only network from the drop-down menu.


To connect the virtual machine to a second host-only network, select another virtual network adapter and select the second host-only network.


Click OK to save your changes.

Assign IP addresses to the virtual network adapters. To see the IP address that a host-only network is using, use the ipconfig /all command on a Windows host or the ipconfig command on a Linux host.