You can configure an existing virtual machine to use a LAN segment, and you can change the LAN segment that a virtual machine is currently using.

In this release of Workstation, bandwidth and packet loss settings are associated with individual virtual machines rather than LAN segments. See Configure Bandwidth and Packet Loss Settings for a Virtual Machine.

If the LAN segment does not already exist, create it. See Create a LAN Segment for a Virtual Machine.

To configure a virtual machine to use multiple LAN segments, you must configure the virtual machine to have multiple network adapters. See Add a Virtual Network Adapter to a Virtual Machine.


Select the virtual machine and select VM > Settings.


On the Hardware tab, select Network Adapter.


Select LAN segment and select the LAN segment from the drop-down menu.


Click OK to save your changes.

When you add an existing virtual machine to a LAN segment, the virtual machine might be configured to expect an IP address from a DHCP server. Unlike host-only and NAT networking, Workstation does not provide a DHCP server for LAN segments. You must manually configure IP addressing for virtual machines on a LAN segment. You can either configure a DHCP server on the LAN segment to allocate IP addresses, or you can configure a fixed IP address for each virtual machine on the LAN segment.