When you stream a virtual machine, you can start the virtual machine as soon as the download process begins. When you power off a streamed virtual machine, you are prompted to save or discard changes. If you discard changes, the directory that was created on the local computer and all the virtual machine data are deleted.


You cannot stream a remote virtual machine.

Make the virtual machine available for streaming. See Make a Virtual Machine Available for Streaming.

Determine the URL of the virtual machine.


Run the vmware command and specify the URL of the virtual machine.

Both HTTP and HTTPS are supported.



Windows host

vmware.exe http://path_to_vm.vmx

Linux host

vmware http://path_to_vm.vmx

A tab for the virtual machine opens in the Workstation window.


Select the virtual machine and select VM > Power > Power On.

Workstation fetches virtual disk data on demand so that you can start using the virtual machine before it finishes downloading. The status bar indicates the progress of the download. When you point to the VM streaming icon on the status bar, a tooltip indicates whether streaming is active and provides the URL of the Web server.


(Optional) To save the virtual machine so that you can use it when you do not have access to the Web server, select VM > Save for Offline Use.

Using this setting also allows you to pause downloading by powering off the virtual machine before streaming is finished, restart it later by powering on the virtual machine, and open the virtual machine in Workstation after you close it.