Application developers can use APIs, SDKs, and IDEs to write and debug applications that run in virtual machines.


You can use the VIX API to write programs that automate virtual machine operations. The API is easy to use and useful for both script writers and application programmers. Functions enable you to power virtual machines on and off, register them, and run programs to manipulate files in the guest operating systems. Additional language bindings are available for Perl, COM, and shell scripts (for example, vmrun).

VProbes Tool

You can use the VProbes tool to investigate guest behavior. You can write VProbes scripts that inspect and record activities in the guest, VMX, and virtual devices, without interfering with run-state. For example, VProbes can track which applications are running or indicate which processes are causing page faults. See the VProbes Programming Reference.

VMCI Sockets Interface

VMCI Sockets is a network sockets API for the Virtual Machine Communication Interface. It provides a fast means of communication between a host and its guest virtual machines. This API is well-suited for client-server applications. See the VMCI Sockets Programming Guide.

Integrated Virtual Debuggers for Visual Studio and Eclipse

The integrated development environment (IDE) plug-ins provide a configurable interface between virtual machines and Visual Studio or Eclipse. They let you test, run, and debug programs in virtual machines. See the Integrated Virtual Debugger for Eclipse Developer’s Guide and the Integrated Virtual Debugger for Visual Studio Developer’s Guide.