Although the keyboard works correctly with a local X server, it might not work correctly when you run the same virtual machine with a remote X server.

For local X servers, Workstation maps X key codes to PC scan codes to correctly identify a key. Because it cannot tell whether a remote X server is running on a PC or on some other kind of computer, Workstation uses this key code map only for local X servers. You can set a property to tell Workstation to use key code mapping. See Understanding X-Key Codes and Keysyms for more information.

To configure a keyboard mapping for a remote X server, you add the appropriate property to the virtual machine configuration (.vmx) file or to ~/.vmware/config.

Verify that the remote X server is an XFree86 server running on a PC.

Power off the virtual machine and exit Workstation.


If the keyboard does not work correctly on an XFree86 server running locally, report the problem to VMware technical support.

If you use an XFree86-based server that Workstation does not recognize as an XFree86 server, add the xkeymap.usekeycodeMap property and set it to TRUE.

This property tells Workstation to always use key code mapping regardless of server type.

For example: xkeymap.usekeycodeMap = "TRUE"

If Workstation does not recognize the remote server as an XFree86 server, add the xkeymap.usekeycodeMapIfXFree86 property and set it to TRUE.

This property tells Workstation to use key code mapping if you are using an XFree86 server, even if it is remote.

For example: usekeycodeMapIfXFree86 = "TRUE"