When you run the vmware command, you can specify certain options.

vmware Command Options




Opens a new Workstation window.


Opens a virtual machine in a new tab in the existing Workstation window.


Powers on the virtual machine when Workstation starts. This option is equivalent to clicking Power On in the Workstation toolbar.


Powers on the virtual machine and switches the Workstation window to full screen mode.


Closes the virtual machine tab when the virtual machine powers off. If no other virtual machine is open, it also exits Workstation. This option is useful when the guest operating system can power off the virtual machine.


Sets the specified variable to the specified value. You can specify at the command line any variable names and values that are valid in the configuration file.


Displays the product name, version, and build number.


Launches a virtual machine by using the specified virtual machine configuration (.vmx) file.

http[s]:// path_to_vm .vmx

Stream a virtual machine from a Web server. The virtual machine must be made available for streaming.

On Linux hosts, you can pass X toolkit options as arguments, such as --display and --geometry. Some options, such as the size and title of the Workstation window, cannot be overridden.