The drag-and-drop feature has certain requirements and restrictions.

You must install VMware Tools in a virtual machine to use the drag-and-drop feature.

The drag-and-drop feature requires Linux hosts and guests to run X Windows and Solaris 10 guests to run an Xorg X server and JDS/Gnome.

You can drag images between applications on Windows hosts and applications on Windows guests only. Dragging images is not supported for Linux hosts or guests.

You can drag files and directories, email attachments, plain text, and formatted text between Linux and Windows hosts and Linux, Windows, and Solaris 10 guests only.

Dragging email attachments is restricted to images or files smaller than 4MB.

Dragging plain text and formatted text (including the formatting) is restricted to amounts less than 4MB.

Dragging text is restricted to text in languages that can be represented by Unicode characters.

Workstation uses the PNG format to encode images that are dragged. Dragging images is restricted to images smaller than 4MB after conversion to PNG format.

On Windows 95 and Windows 98 guests, the drag-and-drop feature is supported only for files and directories.