You can use Workstation to stop virtual machines on the host system and on remote servers. You can shut down, pause, and suspend virtual machines. You can also close virtual machines and continue running them in the background.

You can shut down a virtual machine from the VM menu or from the toolbar. When you use the VM menu, you can select a hard or soft power option.

You can close a virtual machine that is running on the local host system without powering it off. By default, Workstation prompts you to select an action when you close a powered-on virtual machine and when you exit Workstation while virtual machines are running on the local host system.

You can pause a virtual machine multiple times for a few seconds, or up to several minutes. The pause feature is useful when a virtual machine is engaged in an lengthy, processor-intensive activity that prevents you from using the host system to do a more immediate task.

You suspend a virtual machine when you want to save its current state. When you resume the virtual machine, applications that were running before the virtual machine was suspended resume in their running state and their content is unchanged.