Using VMware Workstation describes how to use VMware® Workstation and create, configure, and manage virtual machines.

This information is intended for anyone who wants to use Workstation and create and manage virtual machines.

See the following documents for more information about using Workstation. All of the documents are available from the VMware Web site.

Getting Started with VMware Workstation describes how to install and upgrade Workstation, create a typical virtual machine, and perform common virtual machine operations.

Installing and Configuring VMware Tools contains complete information on using VMware Tools.

The VMware Guest Operating System Installation Guide contains information about installing specific guest operating systems.

The online VMware Compatibility Guide lists the supported host and guest operating systems for Workstation.

The Workstation online help provides quick reference information about Workstation settings and common tasks. It is available from the Workstation Help menu and when you click Help on a Workstation dialog box.