To use the enhanced virtual keyboard feature in a virtual machine, you must install the enhanced keyboard driver on the Windows host system. If you did not install the enhanced keyboard driver when you initially installed or upgraded Workstation, you can install it by running the Workstation installer in program maintenance mode.

Verify that you have administrative privileges on the host system.


Log in to the Windows host system as the Administrator user or as a user who is a member of the local Administrators group.

If you log in to a domain, the domain account must also be a local administrator.


If you installed Workstation from a CD, insert the CD in the CD-ROM drive on the host system.

If autorun is enabled, the installation program begins.


If autorun is not enabled, or if you downloaded the installation software, double-click the setup file.



Workstation installed from a CD

The setup file is called setup.exe.

Workstation installed from a download

The setup filename is similar to VMware-workstation-xxxx-xxxx.exe, where xxxx-xxxx is the version and build numbers.


Select Modify/Change.


Select Enhanced Keyboard Utility.


Follow the prompts to finish the installation.

Enable the enhanced virtual keyboard feature for the virtual machine. See Use the Enhanced Virtual Keyboard Feature in a Virtual Machine.