The virtual machine library appears on the left side of the Workstation window. You use the library to view and select virtual machines, folders, and remote hosts in Workstation. The library appears by default.

If the library is not visible, select View > Customize > Library.

Right-click a virtual machine, folder, or remote host in the library to view the item's context menu and perform common operations.

To find a specific virtual machine in the library, type its name, part of its description, or the name of the guest operating system in the search box.

For example, to find all of the virtual machines that have a Windows 7 guest operating system, type Windows 7. You can also search for folders and remote hosts.

To mark a virtual machine or folder as a favorite in the library, right-click it and select Mark as Favorite or click the star icon.

Use the library drop-down menu to show only powered on virtual machines or favorite items.

By default, the library shows all items.

To remove an item from the library, right-click it and select Remove.