When you delete a snapshot, you delete the state of the virtual machine that you preserved and you can never return to that state again. Deleting a snapshot does not affect the current state of the virtual machine.

If a snapshot is used to create a clone, the snapshot becomes locked. If you delete a locked snapshot, the clones created from the snapshot no longer operate.

You cannot delete a snapshot if the associated virtual machine is designated as a template for cloning.


Select the virtual machine and select VM > Snapshot > Snapshot Manager.


If you are deleting an AutoProtect snapshot, select Show AutoProtect snapshots.


Select the snapshot.


Select an option to delete the snapshot.



Delete a single snapshot

Click Delete.

Delete the snapshot and all of its children

Right-click and select Delete Snapshot and Children.

Delete all snapshots

Right-click, select Select All, and click Delete.


Click Close to close the snapshot manager.