Before you upgrade the operating system on a Microsoft Windows host, VMware recommends that you uninstall VMware Workstation.

The way Workstation is installed and configured depends partly on the version of Windows used. As a best practice, to ensure that Workstation is properly configured for a new operating system, you must remove the Workstation application before you perform the operating system upgrade. Uninstalling Workstation guarantees that legacy components that apply only to older versions of Windows are not left behind .

For example, if you do not uninstall Workstation before upgrading the Windows operating system, some virtual network adapters might not function properly after the operating system upgrade. Before you uninstall Workstation, open the virtual network editor and note the settings used. You must configure these settings again after you reinstall Workstation.

When you uninstall Workstation, you need only uninstall the VMware Workstation application, not the virtual machines that you have created. When the operating system upgrade is complete, reinstall Workstation or, if you are also upgrading Workstation, install the new version of Workstation.