You can run the Windows setup program to uninstall Workstation from a Windows host system.


Log in to the Windows host system as the Administrator user or as a user who is a member of the local Administrators group.

If you log in to the domain, the domain account must also be a local administrator.


If you have a Workstation CD, insert the CD in the CD-ROM drive on the host system.

If autorun is enabled, the installation program begins.


If autorun is not enabled, or if you downloaded the installation software, double-click the setup file.

If you have a Workstation CD, the setup file is called setup.exe. If you downloaded the installation software, the setup filename is similar to VMware-workstation-xxxx-xxxx.exe, where xxxx-xxxx is the version and build numbers.


Click Next on the Welcome screen and then click Remove.


(Optional) To save product license and Workstation configuration information, select the appropriate check boxes.


Click Next to begin uninstalling Workstation.