Host systems must meet certain disk drive requirements. Guest operating systems can reside on physical disk partitions or in virtual disk files.

Disk Drive Requirements for Host Systems

Drive Type


Hard disk

IDE, SATA, and SCSI hard drives are supported.

At least 1GB free disk space is recommended for each guest operating system and the application software used with it. If you use a default setup, the actual disk space needs are approximately the same as those for installing and running the guest operating system and applications on a physical computer.

For basic installation, 1.5GB free disk space is required on Windows and Linux. Delete the installer after the installation is finished to reclaim disk space.

Optical CD-ROM and DVD

IDE, SATA, and SCSI optical drives are supported.

CD-ROM and DVD drives are supported.

ISO disk image files are supported.


Virtual machines can connect to disk drives on the host computer. Floppy disk image files are also supported.