The Workspace™ Portal upgrade guide describes how to upgrade from Workspace 2.1 to Workspace 2.1.1. If you have version 2.1 of Workspace and you would rather perform a fresh installation of Workspace 2.1.1, see Installing and Configuring VMware Workspace Portal. Remember that a new installation does not preserve your existing configurations.

By default, Workspace uses the VMware Web site for the upgrade procedure, which requires Internet connectivity. If your workspace-va appliance does not have an Internet connection, you can perform the upgrade offline.

See Preparing to Upgrade to VMware Workspace Portal 2.1.1 for prerequisites.


Upgrading from Workspace 2.1 to Workspace 2.1.1 is the only supported upgrade path. If you have an earlier version of Workspace, you must migrate to Workspace 2.1 before you start the Workspace 2.1.1 upgrade. See Migrating to VMware Workspace Portal 2.1.

To learn how to use and maintain your updated Workspace 2.1.1 instance, see the VMware Workspace Portal Administrator's Guide.

This information is intended for anyone who installs, upgrades, and configures Workspace. The Information is written for experienced Windows or Linux system administrators who are familiar with virtual machine technology.