The VMware Workspace Portal™ upgrade guide describes how to upgrade from Workspace 1.8 to Workspace 2.0. If you have version 1.8 of Workspace and you would rather perform a fresh installation of Workspace 2.0, see the Installing and Configuring VMware Workspace Portal Guide. Remember that a new installation will not preserve your existing configurations.

The update procedure requires connectivity to an update website. By default, Workspace uses the VMware website and requires Internet connectivity. See Preparing to Upgrade to VMware Workspace Portal 2.0 for prerequisites.


Upgrading from Workspace 1.8 to Workspace 2.0 is the only supported migration path. You must upgrade to Workspace 1.8 before you start the Workspace 2.0 upgrade. See Upgrading Horizon Workspace 1.8.

To learn how to use and maintain your updated Workspace instance, see the VMware Workspace Portal Administrator's Guide.