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Extension Types (43)

Type Description Since
AdminVrServerType VR server administrative information. 1.0
AdminVrmServerType Administrative information about a VRM server. 1.0
DiskSpecParamsType ReplicationGroup VM Disk specification parameter. 1.0
EditRecoveryDetailsParams An operation parameter used to update the recovery capabilities of a VDC. 1.0
FailbackReplicationGroupType Failback replication group. 3.0
FailoverParamsType Failover operation parameter. 1.0
IdSpecDiskType A disk identifiers' specification. 1.0
IdSpecDisksType A collection of IdSpecDisksTypes. 1.0
IdSpecType A collection of identifiers of various elements, for example VMs or disks, in a ReplicationGroup. 1.0
IdSpecsType A collection of IdSpecType-s. 1.0
ManageVrServerParamsBaseType A base specification parameter used for registering VR Servers. 1.0
ManageVrServerParamsType An operation parameter used when registering VR Server out of the tenant vCenter inventory. 1.0
MoveReplicationGroupParams 2.0
NetworkStatisticsType Network traffic statistics. 1.0
PairVcWithVdcParamsType An operation parameter used when pairing vCenter Server site with vCloud Org VDC. 1.0
PeerType Generic VR peer resource type common for vCenter Server and VCD peer sites. 1.0
ReconfigureReplicationGroupParamsType Deprecated. 1.0
ReplicationGroupDetailsType Additional information about the ReplicationGroup. 1.0
ReplicationGroupInstanceListType 2.0
ReplicationGroupInstanceType Information for a completed point-in-time replica. 1.0
ReplicationGroupSpecParamsType A ReplicationGroup specification parameter used to configure new replications or to reconfigure existing replications. 1.0
ReplicationGroupType ReplicationGroup. 1.0
ReplicationGroupVmDetailsType Additional information about the ReplicationGroup placeholder VM. 1.0
ReplicationGroupVmDiskDetailsType Additional information about a ReplicationGroup placeholder VM disk. 1.0
RetentionPolicyTierType Retention policy tier. 2.0
RetentionPolicyType Retention policy. 2.0
SupportedVersionsType HCS server supported versions type. 1.0
SwitchVrServerParamsType An operation parameter used when changing the VR Server of a ReplicaitonGroup. 1.0
TestFailoverParamsType Test failover operation parameter. 1.0
VersionInfoType HCS server version information type. 1.0
VmSpecParamsType A ReplicationGroup VM specification parameter. 1.0
VrFailoverNetworkMappingListType A collection of failover network mappings specifications - part of VrNetworkMappingsType. 1.0
VrFailoverNetworkMappingType Failover vCenter to Org VDC network mappings specification. 1.0
VrNetworkMappingType Base vCenter to Org VDC network mappings specification used for failover and test failover. 1.0
VrNetworkMappingsType VR Peer network mappings specification. 1.0
VrRecoveryDetailsType Information about the VDC recovery capabilities. 1.0
VrServerInfoType Information about VR server. 1.0
VrServerStatisticsType VR server statistics. 1.0
VrServerType VR server information. 1.0
VrTestFailoverNetworkMappingListType Test failover network mappings specification - part of VrNetworkMappingsType. 1.0
VrTestFailoverNetworkMappingType Test failover vCenter to Org VDC network mappings specification. 1.0
VrcsNodeType VRCS Node. 2.0
VrcsNodesType VRCS Nodes. 2.0