vCloud API Extension Elements

Extension Elements

Extension Elements (31)

Element Description Since
AdminVrServer VR server administrative information. 1.0
AdminVrmServer Administrative information about a VRM server. 1.0
DiskSpecParams ReplicationGroup VM Disk specification parameter. 1.0
EditRecoveryDetailsParams An operation parameter used to update the recovery capabilities of a VDC. 1.0
FailbackReplicationGroup Failback replication group. 3.0
FailoverParams Failover operation parameter. 1.0
IdSpec A collection of identifiers of various elements, for example VMs or disks, in a ReplicationGroup. 1.0
IdSpecDisk A disk identifiers' specification. 1.0
IdSpecDisks A collection of IdSpecDisksTypes. 1.0
IdSpecs A collection of IdSpecType-s. 1.0
ManageVrServerParams An operation parameter used when registering VR Server out of the tenant vCenter inventory. 1.0
MoveReplicationGroupParams 2.0
PairVcWithVdcParams An operation parameter used when pairing vCenter Server site with vCloud Org VDC. 1.0
Peer Generic VR peer resource type common for vCenter Server and VCD peer sites. 1.0
ReconfigureReplicationGroupParams Deprecated. 1.0
ReplicationGroup ReplicationGroup. 1.0
ReplicationGroupDetails Additional information about the ReplicationGroup. 1.0
ReplicationGroupInstanceList 2.0
ReplicationGroupSpecParams A ReplicationGroup specification parameter used to configure new replications or to reconfigure existing replications. 1.0
ReplicationInfo Information about VR server. 1.0
SupportedVersions HCS server supported versions type. 1.0
SwitchVrServerParams An operation parameter used when changing the VR Server of a ReplicaitonGroup. 1.0
TestFailoverParams Test failover operation parameter. 1.0
VersionInfo HCS server version information type. 1.0
VmSpecParams A ReplicationGroup VM specification parameter. 1.0
VrNetworkMappings VR Peer network mappings specification. 1.0
VrRecoveryDetails Information about the VDC recovery capabilities. 1.0
VrServer VR server information. 1.0
VrServerStatistics VR server statistics. 1.0
VrcsNode VRCS Node. 2.0
VrcsNodes VRCS Nodes. 2.0