To ensure successful deployment of the vCenter Server Appliance or Platform Services Controller appliance, you must preform some required tasks and pre-checks before running the installer.

Download and Mount the vCenter Server Appliance Installer.

For topologies with external Platform Services Controller instances, verify that you deploy the different nodes with time synchronization between each other. All vCenter Server instances, Platform Services Controller instances, and third-party load balancers in the vCenter Single Sign-On domain must be time synchronized. See Synchronizing Clocks on the vSphere Network.

Verify that your system meets the minimum software and hardware requirements. See System Requirements for the vCenter Server Appliance and Platform Services Controller Appliance.

If you want to deploy the appliance on an ESXi host, verify that the ESXi host is not in lockdown or maintenance mode and not part of a fully automated DRS cluster.

If you want to deploy the appliance on a DRS cluster of the inventory of a vCenter Server instance, verify that the cluster contains at least one ESXi host that is not in lockdown or maintenance mode.

If you plan to use NTP servers for time synchronization, verify that the NTP servers are running and that the time between the NTP servers and the target server on which you want to deploy the appliance is synchronized.

If you plan to assign a static IP address and an FQDN as a system name in the network settings of the appliance, verify that you have configured the forward and reverse DNS records for the IP address.