This vSphere Upgrade is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of the vSphere Upgrade.




Updated information about port 514 in Required Ports for vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller.

Updated topic Using vSphere Update Manager to Perform Orchestrated Host Upgrades to remove unneeded /boot partition space requirement.


Updated About the boot.cfg File to add a reference to an example.

Updated TCP and UDP Ports for the vSphere Client to remove port 903.

Updated Repoint vCenter Server to Another External Platform Services Controller to improve the information in the task context and prerequisites.


Updated vCenter Server for Windows Hardware Requirements and vCenter Server Appliance Hardware Requirements to state that the hardware requirements for vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller and vCenter Server with an external Platform Services Controller are the same.

Updated Reconfigure Each vCenter Server Instance and Repoint It from an Embedded to External Platform Services Controller Instance to add a step for creating direct replication agreement between the embedded and the external Platform Services Controller instances if not present.


Updated information on port 22 in Required Ports for vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller.

Topics Upgrade the vCenter Server Appliance with Embedded vCenter Single Sign-On and Upgrade the vCenter Server Appliance with External vCenter Single Sign-On now contain prerequisites for the ports that must be open during the upgrade of the appliance.

Updated Install the Client Integration Plug-In to improve the information about the location of the executable file.

Revised the prerequisites and steps in Format a USB Flash Drive to Boot the ESXi Installation or Upgrade.


Updated information on ports 389, 636, 11711, and 11712 in Required Ports for vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller.

Minor revisions of the examples in Create an Installer ISO Image with a Custom Installation or Upgrade Script and Boot Options.



Initial release.