You can use Migration Assistant log files and status files to troubleshoot migration failures.

If the migration fails, Migration Assistant generates a log file bundle on your desktop.


Navigate to your desktop folder and open the file, where time-of-migration-attempt displays the year, month, date, hour, minutes, and seconds of the migration attempt.


Retrieve the log files from the .zip file on your desktop.


Retrieve other log files and status files.

Log and status files locations on the source vCenter Server or vCenter Server Single Sign-On



Migration Assistant log file


Pre-check log file


Pre-check component log files


Export log file


Export component log files


Status file


Log and status files locations on the target vCenter Server Appliance or Platform Services Controller



Log files



Domain join log file


Export log files



First boot component log files



Import log files



Precheck status file


Export status file


First boot status file


Import status file


Examine the log files to determine the cause of failure.