To avoid entering the user name and password each time you run a DCLI command, you can add the current user and the associated password and server IP address to a credential store file by using the credstore-add option on the command line.

Passwords are encrypted in the credential store file, but if you want to remove credential store information, you can use +credstore-remove to do so.

By default, the credential store file is located in <homedir>/.dcli/.dcli_credstore, but you can change the location with the +credstore-file option.

The following examples illustrate how you can interact with the credential store.


Add a new credential store entry.

dcli com vmware cis tagging tag list +credstore-add +username user1

Remove a credential store entry.

dcli +credstore-remove +server <server> +username user1

List all credential store entries.

dcli +credstore-list