Each DCLI command uses the same syntax.

The command name can be followed by DCLI connection and formatting options, each preceded by a plus (+) sign. You also specify the namespace, the command, and the command options. Namespaces are nested.


The order in which DCLI options are provided on the command line is not important. However, you must specify DCLI options with a plus (+) and command-specific options with a minus (-).

The syntax of a DCLI command is the following.

dcli +[DCLI options] <namespace> [<namespace> ...] <cmd> --[cmd option] [option value]

The following table describes the DCLI syntax elements.

Syntax Element


DCLI options

Predefined options for connection information including the vSphere Automation SDK endpoint and formatting options. Always preceded by a plus (+) sign.

Not required when you run the command in the vCenter Server Appliance shell or from the command prompt of a vCenter Server Windows installation.


Groups DCLI commands. Namespaces correspond to the vSphere Automation SDK namespaces and are nested.


Reports on or modifies the state of the system.

option and value

Command option and value pairs preceded by two minus signs (--).

$dcli +server my_remote_vc +username user42 com vmware cis tagging tag list