The vCLI installation package for Windows installs vSphere SDK for Perl and vSphere CLI, but does not include the ActivePerl runtime from ActiveState Software.

The vCLI is supported on the Windows platforms that are listed in the Release Notes.


If you want to run ESXCLI commands included in vCLI from a Windows system, you must have the Visual C++ 2008 redistributable for 32-bit installed on that system. Find vcredist_x86.exe for Visual C++ 2008 and install it on your Windows system.

Verify that you have ActivePerl or Strawberry Perl version 5.14 or later installed on your Windows system.


Download the vCLI Windows installer package.

You can find the installer in the Automation Tools and SDKs section of the Drivers & Tools tab of the vSphere download page.


Start the installer.


(Optional) If prompted to remove older versions of vSphere SDK for Perl or vCLI, you can either accept or cancel the installation, and install the vCLI package on a different system.


The installer replaces both the vSphere SDK for Perl and vCLI. To keep an older version, install this package on a different system.


Click Next in the Welcome page.


To install the vCLI in a nondefault directory, click Change and select an alternative directory.

The default location is C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI.


Click Next.


Click Install to proceed with the installation.

The installation might take several minutes to complete.


Reboot your system.

If you do not reboot, path settings might not be correct on your Windows platform.