After you install vCLI and reboot your system, you can test the installation by running a vCLI or SDK for Perl command from the Windows command prompt.


From the Windows Start menu, choose Programs > VMware > VMware vSphere CLI > Command Prompt.

A command prompt shell for the location where vCLI is installed appears. You have easy access to vCLI and to vSphere SDK for Perl commands from that location.


Run the command, passing in connection options and other options.

On Windows, the extension .pl is required for vicfg- commands, but not for ESXCLI.

<command>.pl <conn_options> <params>

The following examples show the difference between ESXCLI and vicfg- syntax.

esxcli --server <esxi_HOSTNAME_OR_IP> --username "snow-white" --password "dwarf$" network ip interface list --server <esxi_HOSTNAME_OR_IP> --username "snow-white" --password "dwarf$" --list

The system prompts you for a user name and password.