You can display help for each namespace and command by using the --help command-line option. Because the available commands depend entirely on the services that are available in the vCenter environment that you are targeting, you must include the server for accurate help information.

Help returns the following information for a command.

Each input option

Whether the option is required

Input type

dcli com vmware cis tagging tag create --help
usage: com vmware cis tagging tag create [-h] --name NAME --description DESCRIPTION --category-id CATEGORY_ID

Creates a tag

Input Arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --name NAME           required: The display name of the tag (string)
  --description DESCRIPTION
                        required: The description of the tag (string)
  --category-id CATEGORY_ID
                        required: The unique identifier of the parent category in which this tag will be created (string)