Not all VMkernel modules have settable module options.

The following example illustrates how the examine and enable a VMkernel modules. Specify one of the connection options listed in Connection Options for vCLI Host Management Commands in place of <conn_options>.


Run vicfg-module --list to list the modules on the host.

vicfg-module <conn_options> --list

Run vicfg-module --set-options with connection options, the option string to be passed to a module, and the module name.

vicfg-module <conn_options> --set-options '<parameter_name>=<value>' <module_name>

(Optional) To retrieve the option string that is configured to be passed to a module when the module is loaded, run vicfg-module --get-options.


This string is not necessarily the option string currently in use by the module.

vicfg-module <conn_options> --get-options module_name

Verifies that a module is configured.