The esxcli iscsi command includes a number of nested namespaces.

The following table illustrates the namespace hierarchy. Commands at each level are included in bold. Many namespaces include both commands and namespaces.

esxcli iscsi Command Overview

adapter [get|list|set]


chap [set|get]

discovery [rediscover]

sendtarget [add|list|remove]


chap [get|set]

param [get|set]

statictarget [add|list|remove]

status get

target [list]

portal [list]


chap [get|set]

param [get|set]

capabilities get

firmware [get|set]

param [get|set]

networkportal [add|list|remove]

ipconfig [get|set]

physicalnetworkportal [list]

param [get|set]

session [add|list|remove]

connection list

ibftboot [get|import]

logicalnetworkportal list

plugin list

software [get|set]