You can relocate a virtual machine's configuration file, but leave the virtual disks.


Determine the path to the virtual disk files and the virtual machine configuration file.


Run svmotion by using the following syntax.

--datacenter='My DC'
--vm='[old_datastore] myvm/myvm.vmx:new_datastore'
--disks='[old_datastore] myvm/myvm_1.vmdk:old_datastore, [old_datastore] myvm/myvm_2.vmdk: old_datastore'

The example is for Linux. Use double quotes on Windows. The square brackets surround the datastore name and do not indicate an optional element.

This command relocates the virtual machine's configuration file to new_datastore, but leaves the two disks, myvm_1.vmdk and myvm_2.vmdk, in old_datastore.