The esxcli storage vmfs snapshot commands support resignaturing a snapshot volume.

Specify one of the connection options listed in Connection Options for vCLI Host Management Commands in place of <conn_options>.


List unresolved snapshots or replica volumes.

esxcli <conn_options> storage vmfs snapshot list

(Optional) Unmount the copy.

esxcli <conn_options> storage filesystem unmount

Run the resignature command.

esxcli <conn_options> storage vmfs snapshot resignature --volume-label=<label>|--volume-uuid=<id>

The command returns to the prompt or signals an error.

After resignaturing, you might have to perform the following operations.

If the resignatured datastore contains virtual machines, update references to the original VMFS datastore in the virtual machine files, including .vmx, .vmdk, .vmsd, and .vmsn.

To power on virtual machines, register them with the vCenter Server system.