You can use ESXCLI to configure the SNMP agent for polling.

Specify one of the options listed in Connection Options for vCLI Host Management Commands in place of <conn_options>.


Run vicfg-snmp --target with the target address, port number, and community.

vicfg-snmp <conn_options> -c public -t

Each time you specify a target with this command, the settings you specify overwrite all previously specified settings. To specify multiple targets, separate them with a comma.

You can change the port that the SNMP agent sends data to on the target by using the --targets option. That port is UDP 162 by default.


(Optional) Specify a port for listening for polling requests.

vicfg-snmp <conn_options> -p <port>

(Optional) If the SNMP agent is not enabled, enable it.

vicfg-snmp <conn_options> --enable

Run vicfg-snmp --test to validate the configuration.

vicfg-snmp <conn_options> --test

The following example shows how the commands are run in sequence.

vicfg-snmp <conn_options> –c public –t --enable
# next validate your config by doing these things:
vicfg-snmp <conn_options> -–test
walk –v1 –c public esx-host