The vicfg-volume command supports mounting and unmounting volumes.

Use the vicfg-volume command to list mounted volumes, mount new volumes, and unmount a volume. Specify one of the connection options listed in Connection Options for vCLI Host Management Commands in place of <conn_options>.


List all volumes that have been detected as snapshots or replicas.

vicfg-volume <conn_options> --list

Run vicfg-volume --persistent-mount with the VMFS-UUID or label as an argument to mount a volume.

vicfg-volume <conn_options>  --persistent-mount <VMFS-UUID|label>

This command fails if the original copy is online.

You can later run vicfg-volume --unmount to unmount the snapshot or replica volume.

vicfg-volume <conn_options> --unmount <VMFS-UUID|label>

The vicfg-volume command supports resignaturing a snapshot volume and mounting and unmounting the volume. You can also make the mounted volume persistent across reboots and query a list of snapshot volumes and original volumes.