The esxcli storage core claiming reclaim troubleshooting command is intended for PSA plug-in developers or administrators who troubleshoot PSA plug-ins.

The command performs the following tasks.

Attempts to unclaim all paths to a device.

Runs the loaded claim rules on each of the unclaimed paths to reclaim those paths.

It is normal for this command to fail if a device is in use.


The reclaim command unclaims paths associated with a device.

You cannot use the command to reclaim paths currently associated with the MASK_PATH plug-in because --device is the only option for reclaim and MASK_PATH paths are not associated with a device.

You can use the command to unclaim paths for a device and have those paths reclaimed by the MASK_PATH plug-in.



--device <device>

-d <device>

Name of the device on which all paths are reclaimed.


Displays the help message.