You can use vicfg-iscsi information retrieval options to list external HBA properties, information about targets, and LUNs.

You can use the following vicfg-iscsi options to list iSCSI parameters. Specify one of the options listed in Connection Options for vCLI Host Management Commands in place of <conn_options>.

Run vicfg-iscsi -P|--phba to list external (vendor-specific) properties of an iSCSI adapter.

vicfg-iscsi <conn_options> -P -l <adapter_name>
vicfg-iscsi <conn_options> --phba --list <adapter_name>

The system returns information about the vendor, model, description, and serial number of the HBA.

Run vicfg-iscsi -T | --target to list target information.

vicfg-iscsi <conn_options> -T -l <adapter_name>
vicfg-iscsi <conn_options> --target --list <adapter_name>

The system returns information about targets for the specified adapter, including the iSCSI name, in IQN or EUI format, and alias. See Discovery Target Names.

Run vicfg-iscsi -L|--lun to list LUN information.

vicfg-iscsi <conn_options> -L -l <adapter_name>
vicfg-iscsi <conn_options> --lun --list <adapter_name>

The command returns the operating system device name, bus number, target ID, LUN ID, and LUN size for the LUN.

Run vicfg-iscsi -L with -t to list only LUNs on a specified target.

vicfg-iscsi <conn_options> -L -l -t <target_ID> <adapter_name>
vicfg-iscsi <conn_options> --lun --list --target_id <target_id> <adapter_name>

The system returns the LUNs on the specified target and the corresponding device name, device number, LUN ID, and LUN size.

Run vicfg-iscsi -p|--pnp to list physical network portal information for independent hardware iSCSI devices. You can also use this option with --mtu.

vicfg-iscsi <conn_options> -p -l <adapter_name>
vicfg-iscsi <conn_options> --pnp --list <adapter_name>

The system returns information about the MAC address, MTU, and current transfer rate.

Run vicfg-iscsi -I -l to list information about the iSCSI initiator. ESXi systems use a software-based iSCSI initiator in the VMkernel to connect to storage. The command returns the iSCSI name, alias name, and alias settable bit for the initiator.

vicfg-iscsi <conn_options> -I -l vmhba42

Run vicfg-iscsi -p -M to set the MTU for the adapter. You must specify the size and adapter name.

vicfg-iscsi <conn_options> -p -M <mtu_size> <adapter_name>
vicfg-iscsi <conn_options> --pnp --mtu <mtu-size> <adapter_name>