You can use vicfg-vswitch to connect and disconnect uplink adapters and port groups.

If your setup includes one or more port groups, you can associate each port group with one or more uplink adapters and remove the association. This functionality allows you to filter traffic from a port group to a specific uplink, even if the virtual switch is connected with multiple uplinks.

Specify one of the options listed in Connection Options for vCLI Host Management Commands in place of <conn_options>.

Connect a port group with an uplink adapter.

vicfg-vswitch <conn_options> --add-pg-uplink <adapter_name> --pg <port_group> <vswitch_name>

This command fails silently if the uplink adapter does not exist.

Remove a port group from an uplink adapter.

vicfg-vswitch <conn_options> --del-pg-uplink <adapter_name> --pg <port_group> <vswitch_name>