You can use ESXCLI to retrieve information related to SMART. SMART is a monitoring system for computer hard disks that reports information about the disks.

You can use the following example syntax to retrieve SMART information.

esxcli storage core device smart get -d device

What the command returns depends on the level of SMART information that the device supports. If no information is available for a parameter, the output displays N/A, as in the following sample output.

Parameter                     Value  Threshold  Worst
Health Status                 OK     N/A        N/A
Media Wearout Indicator       N/A    N/A        N/A
Write Error Count             N/A    N/A        N/A
Read Error Count              119    6          74
Power-on Hours                57     0          57
Power Cycle Count             100    20         100
Reallocated Sector Count      100    36         100
Raw Read Error Rate           119    6          74
Drive Temperature             38     0          49
Driver Rated Max Temperature  62     45         51
Write Sectors TOT Count       200    0          200
Read Sectors TOT Count        100    0          253
Initial Bad Block Count       N/A    N/A        N/A