The esxcli storage san commands help administrators troubleshoot issues with I/O devices and fabric, and include Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI, SAS protocol statistics.

The commands allow you to retrieve device information and I/O statistics from those device. You can also issue Loop Initialization Primitives (LIP) to FC/FCoE devices and you can reset SAS devices.

For FC and FCoE devices, you can retrieve FC events such as RSCN, LINKUP, LINKDOWN, Frame Drop and FCoE CVL. The commands log a warning in the VMkernel log if it encounters too many Link Toggling or frame drops.

The following example examines and resets SAN storage through a FibreChannel adapter. Instead of fc, the information retrieval commands can also use iscsi, fcoe, and sas.


List adapter attributes.

esxcli storage san fc list

Retrieve all events for a Fibre Channel I/O device.

esxcli storage san fc events get

Clear all I/O Device Management events for the specified adapter.

esxcli storage san fc events clear --adapter adapter

Reset the adapter.

esxcli storage san fc reset