The vmware-cmd vCLI command supports only a specific set of connection options. Other vCLI connection options are not supported, for example, you cannot use variables because the corresponding option is not supported.

The following connection options are supported.



--server <host>

-H <host>

Target ESXi or vCenter Server system.

--vihost <target>

-h <target>

When you run vmware-cmd with the -H option pointing to a vCenter Server system, use --vihost to specify the ESXi host to run the command against.

-O <port>

Alternative connection port. The default port number is 902.

--username <username>

-U <username>

User who is authorized to log in to the host specified by --server or --vihost.

--password <password>

-P <password>

Password for the user specified by -U.

-Q <protocol>

Protocol to use, either http or https. Default is https.