The VMware Host Profiles feature enables you to create standard configurations for ESXi hosts. With PowerCLI, you can automate creation and modifying of host profiles.

Verify that you are connected to a host that runs vCenter Server 4.1 or later.


Get the host named Host1 and store it in the $vmhost variable.

$vmhost = Get-VMHost Host1

Create a profile based on the Host1 host.

New-VMHostProfile -Name MyHostProfile01 -Description "This is my test profile based on Host1." -ReferenceHost $vmhost

Get the newly created host profile.

$hp1 = Get-VMHostProfile -Name MyHostProfile01

Change the description of the HostProfile1 host profile.

Set-VMHostProfile -Profile $hp1 -Description "This is my old test host profile based on Host1."