You can create storage policies by using vendor-exposed capabilities.

Verify that you are connected to a vCenter Server system.

Verify that you have Profile-driven storage update privileges.

Verify that a storage provider is registered with the vCenter Server system.


Get the VSAN.hostFailuresToTolerate capability and store it in the $cap variable.

$cap = Get-SpbmCapability -Name 'VSAN.hostFailuresToTolerate'

Create a rule with the $cap capability and store the rule in the $rule variable.

$rule = New-SpbmRule -Capability $cap -value 1

Create a rule set by using the $rule rule and store the rule set in the $ruleset variable.

$ruleset = New-SpbmRuleSet -AllOfRules $rule

Create a capability-based policy named Capability-Based-Policy by using the $ruleset rule set and store the policy in the $policy variable.

$policy = New-SpbmStoragePolicy -Name 'Capability-Based-Policy' -Description 'This policy is created by using capabilities' -AnyOfRuleSets $ruleset