You can create a VM-VMHost DRS rule within a cluster after creating a VM DRS cluster group and a VMHost DRS cluster group.

Verify that you are connected to a vCenter Server system.

Verify that virtual machines and hosts exist within a cluster with enabled DRS in the vCenter Server environment.


Get the virtual machines for the VM DRS cluster group.

$vms = Get-VM "VM1", "VM2"

Get the hosts for the VMHost DRS cluster group.

$vmHosts = Get-VMHost "hostname1", "hostname2"

Get the cluster where you want to create the rule.

$cluster = Get-Cluster "MyCluster"

Create a VM DRS cluster group.

$vmGroup = New-DrsClusterGroup -Name "MyVmsDrsClusterGroup" -VM $vms -Cluster $cluster

Create a VMHost DRS cluster group.

$vmHostGroup = New-DrsClusterGroup -Name "MyVmHostsDrsClusterGroup" -VMHost $vmHosts -Cluster $cluster

Create the VM-VMHost DRS rule by using the newly created VM DRS cluster group and VMHost DRS cluster group.

New-DrsVMHostRule -Name "MyDrsRule" -Cluster $cluster -VMGroup $vmGroup -VMHostGroup $vmHostGroup -Type "MustRunOn"