Backup Namespace

Backup namespace provides commands Performs backup restore operations

List of commands:

Validate Command

dcli com vmware appliance recovery backup validate


Check for backup errors without starting backup.


Option Name Type Required Description
parts string Yes a list of optional parts. Run backup parts APIs to get list of optional parts and description
backup‑password string No a password for a backup piece The backupPassword must adhere to the following password requirements: At least 8 characters, cannot be more than 20 characters in length. At least 1 uppercase letter. At least 1 lowercase letter. At least 1 numeric digit. At least 1 special character (i.e. any character not in [0-9,a-z,A-Z]). Only visible ASCII characters (for example, no space). backupPassword If no password then the piece will not be encrypted
location‑type string Yes a type of location Valid values are: {FTPS, HTTP, SCP, HTTPS, FTP}
location string Yes path or url
location‑user string No username for location locationUser User name for this location if login is required.
location‑password string No password for location locationPassword Password for the specified user if login is required at this location.
comment string No Custom comment comment an optional comment


dcli com vmware appliance recovery backup validate --parts testString --location-type test --location testString