vicfg-volume - Managing LVM snapshot or replica volumes.


 vicfg-volume [<connection_options>]
    [--help |
     --list |
     --persistent-mount <VMFS-UUID|label> |
     --resignature <VMFS-UUID|label> |
     --umount <VMFS-UUID|label> |
     --vihost <esx_host>]


The vicfg-volume command supports resignaturing a snapshot volume and mounting and unmounting the volume. You can also make the mounted volume persistent across reboots and query a list of snapshot volumes and original volumes.

The ESX Configuration Guide and the ESXi Configuration Guide discuss volume resignaturing in detail.



Specifies the target server and authentication information if required. Run vicfg-volume --help for a list of all connection options.


Prints a help message for each command-specific and each connection option. Calling the script with no arguments or with --help has the same effect.

--list | -l

Lists all volumes that have been detected as snapshots or replicas.

--persistent-mount | -M [<VMFS-UUID>|<label>]
Mounts a snapshot/replica volume persistently if its original copy is not online.
--resignature | -r [<VMFS-UUID>|<label>]

Resignatures a snapshot/replica volume.

--umount | -u [<VMFS-UUID>|<label>]

Unmounts a snapshot/replica volume.

--vihost | -h

When you run a vCLI command with the --server option pointing to a vCenter Server system, use --vihost to specify the ESX/ESXi host to run the command against.


The following examples assume you are specifying connection options, either explicitly or, for example, by specifying the server, user name, and password. Run vicfg-volume --help for a list of common options including connection options.

List all volumes that have been detected as snapshots/replicas:

   vicfg-volume <conn_options> -l

Mount a snapshot or replica volume persistently:

   vicfg-volume <conn_options> -M my_sample_vol

Resignature a snapshot or replica volume:

   vicfg-volume <conn_options -r my_sample_vol

Unmount a snapshot or replica volume:

   vicfg-volume conn_options -u 48c826a3-12815d67-0ac6-0030485cd343