Protecting Passwords
Follow one of the following approaches for protecting passwords.
If you are running on a Windows system, you can use the - -passthroughauth option. If the user who runs the command with that option is a known Active Directory user, no password is required.
If you are running vMA, you can set up target servers and run most vCLI commands against target servers without additional authentication. See the vSphere Management Assistant Guide.
vCLI allows you to run scripts against multiple target servers from the same administration server. You must have the correct privileges to perform the actions on each target, and you must authenticate to the target.
Order of Precedence for vCLI Host Management Commands
When you run a vCLI host management command, authentication happens in the order of precedence shown in vCLI Authentication Precedence. This order of precedence always applies. That means, for example, that you cannot override an environment variable setting in a configuration file.
If you are authenticating through vCenter Single Sign-On, the order of precedence is preserved, for example, information you specify on the command line overrides information in an environment variable.
Password (- -password), session file (- -sessionfile), or configuration file (- -config) specified on the command line.
vSphere Web Services SDK Programming Guide and vSphere SDK for Perl Programming Guide.