Using DCLI to Manage vCenter Services
The DCLI command set allows you to manage vCenter services that are new in vSphere 6.0. You cannot manage services that were part of vSphere 5.5 from DCLI. DCLI is not a host management CLI.
DCLI (Datacenter CLI) is a CLI client of the vCloud Suite SDK. DCLI works like this:
You can run DCLI commands as follows.
vCLI package. Install the vCLI package on the server of your choice, or deploy a vMA virtual machine. You can then run DCLI commands against an endpoint. See Running DCLI Commands.
vCenter Server appliance. Run DCLI commands from the vCenter Server Appliance shell. See Running DCLI Commands on the vCenter Server Appliance.
vCenter Server Windows command prompt. Install vCenter Server on a supported Windows system and run DCLI commands from the command prompt.
DCLI Syntax
Each DCLI command uses the same syntax.
The command name can be followed by connection and formatting options, each preceded by a + sign. You also specify the name space, the command, and the command options. Name spaces are nested.
dcli +[DCLI options] <namespace> [<namespace> ...] <cmd> --[cmd option] [option value]
DCLI options. Predefined options for connection information including the vCloud Suite SDK endpoint and formatting options. Always preceded by a + sign.
Not required when you run the command in the vCenter Server Appliance shell or from the command prompt of a vCenter Server Windows installation.
namespace. Groups DCLI commands. Namespaces correspond to the vCloud Suite SDK namespaces and are nested.
command. Reports on or modifies state on the system.
option and value. Command option and value pairs.
$dcli +server <vcenter-IP> com vmware cis tagging tag list