vicfg-user Command Syntax
The vicfg-user syntax differs from other vCLI commands. You specify operations as follows:
vicfg-user <conn_options> -e <user> -o <add|modify|delete|list>
If you create a user without specifying the role (- -role), the user has no permissions. You cannot change the user’s role, you can only change the user’s permission.
The vicfg-user command-specific options manipulate users. You must also specify connection options. See Connection Options for vCLI Host Management Commands.
- -entity <user>
-e <user>
- -login <login_id>
-l <login_id>
Operation to perform. Specify add, modify, delete, or list.
Role for the target user. Specify one of admin, read-only, or no-access.
- -shell