You can use the Get-EsxTop cmdlet to retrieve real-time data for troubleshooting performance problems.

Verify that you are connected to a server that runs ESX 4.1, vCenter Server 5.0 or later.


Get the group to which the virtual machine belongs and save it as a variable.

$group = Get-EsxTop -CounterName SchedGroup | where {$_.VMName -eq $vm.Name}

Get the IDs of all virtual CPUs of the virtual machine and store them in an array.

$gr = Get-EsxTop -TopologyInfo -Topology SchedGroup | %{$_.Entries} | where {$group.GroupID -contains $_.GroupId} $group.GroupID
$cpuIds = @()
$gr.CpuClient | %{$cpuIds += $_.CPUClientID}

Get the CPU statistics for the virtual machine.

$cpuStats = Get-EsxTop -CounterName VCPU | where {$cpuIds -contains $_.VCPUID}

Calculate the used and ready for use percentage by using the UsedTimeInUsec and ReadyTimeInUsec stats.

$result = @()
$cpuStats | %{ `
$row = "" | select VCPUID, Used, Ready; `
$row.VCPUID = $_.VCPUID; `
$row.Used = [math]::Round(([double]$_.UsedTimeInUsec/[double]$_.UpTimeInUsec)*100, 2); `
$row.Ready = [math]::Round(([double]$_.ReadyTimeInUsec/[double]$_.UpTimeInUsec)*100, 2);` 
$result += $row

View the used and ready for use percentage for each virtual CPU of the virtual machine.

$result | Format-TableAutoSize