You can modify host configuration, including advanced settings related to virtual machine migration, and apply them to another host.

Verify that you are connected to a vCenter Server system.


Change the migration timeout for the ESXHost1 host.

Get-VMHost ESXHost1 | Set-VmHostAdvancedConfiguration -Name Migrate.NetTimeout -Value ( [system.int32] 10 )

Enable creation of a checksum of the virtual machines memory during the migration.

Get-VMHost ESXHost1 | Set-VmHostAdvancedConfiguration -Name Migrate.MemChksum -Value ( [system.int32] 1 )

Get the ESXHost1 host migration settings.

$migrationSettings = Get-VMHost ESXHost1 | Get-VmHostAdvancedConfiguration -Name Migrate.*

Apply the migration settings to ESXHost2.

Set-VmHostAdvancedConfiguration -VMHost ESXHost2 -Hashtable $migrationSettings